Since 1947 we have pioneered the use of low watt density, drywell-style immersion heaters for heating all types of temperature-sensitive products. Low watt density elements keep the sheath temperature decreased, reducing damage to the products being heated and virtually eliminating buildup on the heater sheath, greatly extending heater life. Drywell design allows the actual heating elements to be serviced without draining the tank / vessel they are heating. These unique elements are supplied as direct immersion units for heating tanks, vats or reservoirs, and are built into pressure vessels to be used as circulation heaters and heat transfer systems.
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Thanks for Helping Make CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 a Success!
Thanks to everyone who visited us in the Central Hall during CONEXPO-CON/AGG earlier this month in Las Vegas! We hope you learned more about how something as simple as a clean source of heat can positively affect your asphalt and paving operations in a number of ways – including lower operating costs, improved product quality, reduced maintenance, significantly longer heater life and enhanced sustainability. Thanks to Roadtec for its use of a PHCo hot-oil heater in its cold in-place recycling machine, displayed in the Astec booth. We also want to thank Meeker Equipment for using a PHCo electric heater on display in its booth. And we want to extend our appreciation to Etnyre and LeeBoy for recent orders of PHCo drywell-style electric heat for new distributor trucks being built in their plants this month and next!

Electric Heat Gives Distributor Trucks the Power to Improve Operations
Distributor trucks may easily be viewed as unglamorous workhorses of paving fleets. Their typical functions are to provide heated asphalt or emulsion spray as tack coating in front of a hot mix paver or to spread heated binder for chip seal projects. In simplest terms, a distributor truck comprises a cab, a tank, a form of heat and a spray system for applying the binder. Read More » 


Electrify Your Plant's Heat Efficiency:
PHCo's Research-Based Article Is Featured In The January Issue Of AsphaltPRO

With the costs of doing business on the rise and energy in flux, an asphalt producer should consider any measure he can take to improve the bottom line. The method and efficiency of a plant's heat – for asphalt and hot oil – are areas that often are overlooked. But energy costs contribute significantly to the operating costs of an HMA plant, and fuel choices can impact producers in more ways than just cost. When choosing an asphalt heating method, it's important to look at the entire picture. Cost-per-unit of energy to heat asphalt and emulsions is not the only cost. Read More » 



Low watt density,
dry well heaters. Complete
heater kits include controls for
many storage tanks or vats.
Low watt density,
dry well heaters. Available
with or without controls to mount
to a tank flange or nozzle.
Low watt density,
dry well heaters. Insulated,
weatherproof vessel to heat flowing liquid.
Low watt density,
dry well heaters. Individual
tubes for installation in hard to fit projects.
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Low watt density, dry well
heaters. Complete packaged systems with pumping, expansion tank and controls.